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One of the main tasks of ADSR Company is to provide full warranty and post-warranty service of the supplied equipment. We have our own service Department that provides the entire range of services for servicing the supplied equipment, provides services for installation, dismantling, washing and disinfection of equipment with the provision of warranty and after-warranty repair of equipment, throughout Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan.

We offer you information on organization of service TOO “ADSR”, an authorized representative of Welbilt in Asia.

When creating our service organization, we took as a basis the European experience of Welbilt.

The main criterion for evaluating the effectiveness and quality of service organizations is the speed of response to service call, real-time information on equipment damage prior to its repair. The most stringent deadlines in countries such as Germany, Spain, France, and Greece are 2 days in the city and 5 days in small towns and villages that are far enough away from the service company’s offices.

When organizing our service system in Asia, we tried to use the same terms as a basis, but the reality of working in Asia, during a hot period (when a large number of equipment fails), makes its own changes. We can actually work on time – 2-3 days in regional centers, and 7-10 days in the regions. The difference between Asia and Europe is very significant – it is a huge territory and long distances between the service center and the place of installation of equipment, the lack of qualified specialists in the regions.

Our service organization looks like this:

The repair request is accepted from the equipment owner. It is sent to the unified service center by phone or Whatsapp. The regional Manager comes and examines the place where the equipment is installed and makes its initial inspection.

The regional Manager sends a request to our SC about the need for technical repairs.

SC-service center in Almaty, Astana, Bishkek, and Tashkent, etc. with a warehouse of all necessary spare parts. We accept all requests for service work by phone, Fax, email, WhatsApp around the clock, regardless of the location of your equipment.

Information about the service case is sent to the Regional service center (RSC) – in the zone where this territory is located. These centers cover the entire territory of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. We maintain a constant stock of spare parts in each of our RSCS. We make lists and the number of spare parts for each region separately, depending on the number of vehicles and model range, based on our accumulated statistics. Thus, the RSC performs the function of a regional warehouse, but this is not its main function. RSC has its own network of small repair organizations and technicians in all cities in the controlled territory. The RSC can have up to 10 such organizations and subcontractors. We check the quality of repairs performed not only by the RSC, but also directly by the real repair contractor.

After receiving the information, the RSC sends a service specialist to repair the problem. After the repair, this specialist makes a detailed report on each real case and sends it to us in the form of a special act. We collect all information about repairs, analyze it, draw conclusions about the causes of equipment failures, and report each case to the manufacturer.

This system of organizing the service network allows us to fully control and monitor the timing of service requests, the quality of work, reliability and performance of equipment. In addition, you can always get information from us about the status of each specific service case, the cause of equipment failure, the timing of its repair, and more.

P. S our service engineers together with representatives of Welbilt regularly organize training sessions for our engineers and technicians, as well as for technicians of equipment owners. On the Country Maps You can actually see the location of our SC and RSC

1. Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan, Almaty, Egizbaeva, 9B

Tel\fax: +7 (727) 392 98 41,

Tel: +7 (727) 338 59 50



2. Kyrgyzstan

Representation   ТОО «ADSR»,

Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, ul. Jusupa Abdrachmanova, 97

Tel: +996 312 386579,

Fax: +996 312 386579



3. Uzbekistan

Representation ТОО «ADSR»,

Jarkurgon street, 27 Tashkent, Uzbekistan



Tel: +998 90 932 82 77

Tel: +998 71 291 33 88